The Pain Perspective:

Thrive Through & Beyond Injury and Chronic Pain

Reclaim a better quality of life.

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The Pain Perspective is an intensive on-line coaching program that helps adults living with life altering injuries and/or chronic pain learn how to effectively manage their pain and stress so they can live an empowered life full of hope, focus, energy and joy. 

This course will help you navigate your healing journey in the most efficient way possible, saving you time, money, energy, and frustration so you can shift your attention to where it is needed most – on your quality of life and your path to true healing.

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TPP is Different - This Process Just Works

The Pain Perspective is a cut-to-the-chase, practical and effective framework that will help you create a Healing Recipe to truly support your unique situation and needs. 

This leading edge strategy for managing and decreaing pain with less or no pharmaceuticals will help you regain enough energy and focus to show up and succeed in life despite the flare ups and dark days.

Packaged in an empowering, easy to follow, step-by-step process designed to cut confusion and heartache while decreasing your discomfort, TPP will shift your lifestyle towards true healing, regardless of how long you have been living with pain.

And it's accompanied by live coaching with an experienced healer and teacher possessing the honesty and ability to hold space required for real change - who has also been there AND moved beyond it!!

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This is the program that I wish I would have had when I had my brain and spinal injuries....

But, it wasn't around when I needed it.

Because it took my healing journey to create it.

My experience and process helped to widen my perspective of the multifaceted journey that is healing.

The tools and information outlined in this program are the best of what I utilized to shift from a life of debilitating pain and agony to a life free from pain and full of hope.

This program is supported by my personal success of healing from a traumatic brain injury, severe hyper extension of my entire spine, and severe PTSD plus the successes of more than a thousand of my students over the years.

Not only do these techniques work, but they will be presented to you in an engaging and accessible manner, refined by my 15 years of experience in curriculum creation and teaching.

It is my best work yet.

Now, it is available to help YOU!

But the BEST news? By joining, you get to skip right to the juicy parts, possibly saving yourself years of dead ends, pain, and despair.

Watch the complimentary training outlining the exact process used to help clients TODAY!

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Who is this Program for?

You are fed up with living in pain and ready to commit 100% to your transformation. 

You wants to reclaim a better quality of life, regardless of what others have told you is possible.

You are coachable. You know transformation takes work and time, and you are willing to push through the challenges that may arise along the journey.

You are serious about achieving your wellness goals and are willing to invest in your success. 

If this is YOU, please click below and watch the latest Masterclass to learn the exact strategies used to help clients reach their freedom.

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I Love Seeing My Clients Succeed

 The people I work with are extraordinary. They show up to the work. And they transform. The work is not easy, but I will meet you every step of the way with integrity and respect for your process.

Here's what others are saying:

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Business Owner/Jetty Extracts

I met Shelby when I was in the worst of my debilitating chronic pain and immobility after a series of accidents. After just a few sessions with Shelby I went from being stuck bedridden and in misery to hopeful and felt for the first time like I was going to be able to get myself and my physical abilities back again (even after a series of doctor and specialist visits as well as other forms of PT and massage). One of the biggest memories that stands out is how she held such beautiful space for me to be in my pain and misery and all of the emotions that come up with this kind of healing process. I felt safe, I felt seen, heard and truly cared for. Shelby was the first person to give me hope and to help provide actual results. I couldn’t be more grateful. If not for Shelby I don’t know if I’d even be standing here able to write this today. I cannot recommend a better, more conscious and caring individual to help jumpstart your path to feeling good and living the most optimal life you can.

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Editor-in-Chief, American Fitness magazine

I very much appreciate Shelby as a person and a teacher; I always learn so much from her, and her kindness, expertise and ability to hold space helped me reach my "goal.

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Jewelry Store Owner

Shelby is the best! She is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with and she is committed to finding the right path forward regardless of where you are on your fitness journey. On the food side, all I can say is that she is amazing and, again, is completely capable of catering her menu to each person's needs.

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Meet Shelby 

Shelby Lafrinere is the founder and Lead Coach of The Pain Perspective. She is  a sought-after Yoga Therapist, Health Coach, and experienced teacher trainer and curriculum creator who has also successfully healed from traumatic brain and spinal injuries and the severe PTSD that followed. She delights in helping others find freedom in their bodies and minds, and is living proof that healing happens. Learn more about her journey and her professional experience at

Let Shelby personally guide you with her Signature Coaching Program

And Reclaim Your Quality of Life

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Disclaimer: For informational and educational purposes only. Not indended to replace the advice of a medical professional. We are not diagnosing, preventing, treating, or curing anything.

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